AONSA Prize 2023 is awarded to Professor Yasuhiko Fujii

The Selection Committee (SC) for the AONSA Prize 2023 (consists of seven members from member associations, ANBUG, CNSS, INSS, JSNS, KNBUA, NSSI, and TWNSS) received several nominations before the nomination deadline (September 15, 2022). In order to give a wide publicity of the 7th AONSA Prize nominations, the last date for receiving nominations was extended twice (from August 15, 2022 to August 31, 2022, and then to September 15, 2022). All the nominations were reviewed intensively by the members of the SC.  All of the nominees are highly qualified and having excellent standing in neutron science and have made significant contributions to the field of neutron scattering in the Asia-Oceania region.  Finally, the SC unanimously nominated Professor Yasuhiko Fujii, Japanese Society for Neutron Science as the recipient of AONSA Prize 2023. The Executive Committee of AONSA approved the nomination in its 29th AONSA Executive Meeting held in Indonesia on November 25, 2022 in hybrid mode. The recipient will be awarded a certificate, a medal and a monetary prize (US$5,000) at the Prize Ceremony to be held during the 4th Asia Oceania Neutron Scattering Conference, Dongguan, China.

Citation:For his outstanding achievements in the structural and dynamical study of phase transitions of condensed matter by neutron scattering, promotion of the neutron science in Japan as well as the national user program for neutron scattering facilities, and dedicated contributions for the promotion of neutron science in the Asia- Oceania region.”

Prof. Yasuhiko Fujii has made very important contributions to promote the neutron scattering and application in Asia, as well as to the activities of AONSA for many years. He has an outstanding research career, in which expertise in neutron scattering is central, including in neutron scattering method development.  He served as Presidents of neutron scattering society in his region. He instigated and was the founding member of his local regional organization that drives substantial community effort in neutron scattering development in the region, including of AONSA. The  SC makes a recommendation for Prof. Yasuhiko Fujii for the AONSA Prize considering his   achievements: – Inspiring and motivating the next generation of successful neutron scatterers who are, in turn, nurturing future generations. This leaves a legacy of regional expertise who continue to value the importance of neutron scattering. – Initiating a wide range of truly outstanding neutron scattering capabilities and centres of expertise that contribute to furthering neutron scattering science through the AONSA region, alongside leadership and vision in the scientific areas and expertise development which underpins his success.

Prof. Fujii received his Doctor of Science from Osaka University in 1973. He served as Professor, University of Tsukuba, Professor and Chair, Neutron Scattering Laboratory, ISSP University of Tokyo, Director, Neutron Science Research Center, JAERI, Deputy Director and Director General, Quantum Beam Science Directorate, JAEA, and Director, Research Center for Neutron Science and Technology, CROSS.  Prof. Fujii is an AONSA founding member and served as the Board member, vice-President and President during the first seven years of AONSA. Besides, his AONSA service, Prof. Fuji was also the chair of the commission of neutron scattering in IUCr during 2002 -2005. He was the Japanese representative for the US-Japan Cooperative Research Program on Neutron Scattering between DOE- USA and The University of Tokyo since 1993 for a decade.  In regard to the contributions in Japan, Prof. Fujii was the key founding member of JSNS in 2001 and served as first President of JSNS for four years. He also served as the President of the Physical Society of Japan during 2015-2016.

The Asia-Oceania Neutron Scattering Association (AONSA) awards the AONSA Prize once every two years to a person or persons to recognize their outstanding research career with a significant impact or contribution to the use or development of neutron science and technology in the Asia-Oceania Region. The AONSA Prize was established in 2010.  The Prizes were awarded to: Prof. Noboru Watanabe (KEK) in 2011, Prof. Balebail Anantha Dasannacharya (BARC) in 2013, Prof. John William White (Australian National Univ.) in 2015, Prof. Nobuo Niimura (Ibaraki Univ.) in 2017, Prof. Mahn Won Kim (KAIST) in 2019, and Prof. Robert A. Robinson (ANSTO) in 2021.

S. M. Yusuf

Vice President of AONSA

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